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Madera Jet Center provides the most affordable, comfortable, and convenient air management services in California. We help you best utilize your time, your aircraft and your resources. Let us help you with the entire flight operations process, from purchasing your aircraft to managing your aircraft. We are here to help you achieve your own personal goals. 

We help you achieve a new level of stress-free travel. No parking hassles, no long security lines, and most importantly no delays because a plane 2,000 miles away hasn’t taken off yet. Also, we can fully manage and maintain your corporate aircraft and company travel schedule. 



Great Reasons to Fly Private Charter. A direct shot to your destination of choice, no crowds or security lines, a reliable, surprisingly affordable alternative to commercial air travel.

  • When flying private charter, travelers save up to 53% more in travel time due to NO check-ins, NO security lines, and NO flight delays.

  • Flying private charter reduces trip time to destinations by an average of 3.5 hours.

  • Leave on time and arrive on time; you tell us when you want to go. Commercial air travelers suffer from late departures more than 25% of the time and late arrivals about 30% of the time.

  • Flights can be booked according to the traveler's schedule, creating efficiencies that eliminate overnight stays, long commutes, and unexpected cancellations.

  • Private air charter goes into ten times more airports than the big commercials do; utilizing regional airports makes it more convenient and closer to your home or office.

  • The well-appointed cabins on our private aircraft are more conducive to meetings and add to your level of productivity.

  • Private aircraft are usually newer and more eco-friendly than their commercial counter-parts.

  • Your luggage is loaded directly onto the aircraft that you will be flying in; it is guaranteed not to be lost or mishandled by our crews and you will get it back the minute you step off the airplane. Try that at a commercial airline where hundreds of thousands of bags are lost or mishandled each year.

  • You want to get to your destination fast? The average light jet flight is only 90 minutes in length.

  • How about getting to your vacation earlier and without hassle? You could be on the beach 1-2 hours before someone taking off at the same time on a commercial airline.



Madera Jet Center is dedicated to providing honest and objective aircraft brokerage services to our clients representing all types of general aviation aircraft. You're about to make one of the most important decisions of your life. Be smart about it - to some an aircraft is a business tool, to others an escape. No matter what drives the deal, we'll help you make good the best decisions for your needs.

  • Aircraft Brokerage
    We have developed marketing relationships worldwide to assure your aircraft gets the maximum focused exposure to the right clientele. 

  • Aircraft Aquisitions / Buyer's Advocacy
    Our promise is that we will guide you through the entire aircraft purchasing process to make the best aircraft purchase decision - and to be sure you get it right the first time. We do all the work. We'll provide you with your own customized analysis of the current market, our breakdown of the best acquisition candidate aircraft, and real-time market trends on current values. 

  • Needs Analysis
    If you are uncertain which is the right aircraft to meet your specific mission requirements, let us provide you with a full comprehensive analysis to determine aircraft compatibility based on your needs. 

  • Cost Analysis
    A full review of your aircraft ownership experience. We will review of your financing, insurance, training, maintenance, down-time and reserves planning to maximize the use of your aircraft most economically and to insure you derive maximum quality and value in each of these aircraft ownership areas. 

  • Maintenance Oversight
    Let us work for you to assure you get the best possible quality and pricing for a particular major maintenance event. we have years of experience, and wonderful working relationships with many quality service facilities. We will be your maintenance liaison. 

  • Aircraft Appraisals
    Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we are prepared to provide you with a comprehensive and detailed market analysis and appraisal based on fact and actual market conditions. 

Charter Revenue Potential

Every hour that your jet spends on the ground it could be generating revenue. If your aircraft is less than fully utilized, we may be able to offer you more charter opportunities, because our demand is greater!

Exclusive Cost Efficiencies

Fuel discounts, alone, can save the owner of a midsize aircraft $20,000 to $25,000 per year. We also monitor the maintenance needs of your aircraft so maintenance and repairs are done on time and in the most cost effective manner. 

Personal Approach

Our clients work with a single point of contact, with a dedicated customer service specialist available 24/7. Our team also includes technical experts from fleet maintenance, operations and accounting -- all working in unison with your interests in mind. 

Your Asset Maintained at Peak Level

Under our management program, your aircraft will be maintained to its utmost, peak performance level. All aircraft must pass annual, safety audits by our professional and accredited mechanics so you'll be confident that your aircraft is always flying at its peak performance level. 

Asset Management Services

Madera Jet Center has been successfully serving the aircraft sales and acquisition needs of our customers and flight community by providing key supplemental support services in this critical decision making process. From consultative services to aircraft brokerage and acquisition Madera Jet Center can provide the support you need. 

Aircraft Management Services That Put Your Interests First

Every decision that we make regarding your aircraft puts your best interests first. Whether it is an aircraft part being purchased, a pilot hired or a charter flight being scheduled on your aircraft -- the decision is carefully evaluated to maximize the benefit to you.​



Madera Jet Center offers multiple aircraft management services. We offer a Charter Aircraft Management program where you maintain the operation of your aircraft and we offer you charter opportunities during your aircraft's idle time. 

Additionally, we offer a Turnkey Aircraft Management program where we take care of all the day-to-day responsibility and management of your aircraft -- with the added option of having us turn your asset into revenue by chartering your private jet when you're not using it.

Peace of Mind

  • Traveling in an aircraft that’s been fully detailed instills confidence. Passengers fly with peace of mind, knowing the avionics and engines have received the same meticulous care.

  • Restoring your aircraft interior creates a more pleasant flight experience for you and your passengers

Save Money

  • Protect your investment. Washing and waxing regularly increases the present and future value of your aircraft.

  • A polish can bring new life to a faded and worn paint job – at a fraction of the cost of a new paint job.

Increased Performance

  • Polishing and waxing restores the shine to damaged or faded paint and improves aircraft performance.

  • A clean, polished finish on the aircraft exterior reduces the drag coefficient of your aircraft. This means a faster aircraft and decreased fuel burn

First Impressions Professional Aircraft Detailing

  • Complete

  • Competent

  • Competitively Prices

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed



We offer complete interior and exterior detailing, guaranteed to make your aircraft look its best. Keeping your plane in tip-top condition delivers a number of benefits. Looking great is only one of them.

Additionally, we offer a Turnkey Aircraft Management program where we take care of all the day-to-day responsibility and management of your aircraft -- with the added option of having us turn your asset into revenue by chartering your private jet when you're not using it.

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